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Hello! I'm Jill, a qualified Nutritionist, with a first class honours degree in Nutrition, registered with the Association for Nutrition - 6144, and founder of Nutrient Nutter Ltd. I have ten years of international experience, working with individuals, companies, charities, and in disaster relief. 

I’m highly empathetic and efficient, focusing on working with you to improve your nutrition to suit your preferences, goals and lifestyle. Nutrition is about you, so of course you choose the advice that you want to follow and what you want to leave. 

I make nutrition easy and enjoyable through lovely swaps and additions to your diet. No guilt, shame, negativity or off limit foods, only proud choices and enjoyment. 


I focus on you

and helping you to transform your diet that you know and love

to be healthy and wonderful!


I started my nutrition career working in a health shop, where I offered nutrition plans and supermarket assistance to discuss healthier choices. I left this position to travel, working and volunteering in Thailand, Nepal and Australia. Going on to work in disaster relief and humanitarian aid in Philippines, Nepal and France. Since finishing university, both in employment and my free time, I have advised people on nutrition and created individual nutrition plans. In 2017, I decided to finally make this official, and started my own nutrition business: Nutrient Nutter, working with private clients, companies and volunteering with charities. For the last two years I worked for Chevron as a Senior Specialist in their Catering Team out in Kazakhstan, returning to the UK due to the pandemic. 


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Various: Charities, Companies, Private Clients


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Children's Centre

All Hands Disaster Relief

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Health & Detox Retreat


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My expertise, are in the healthiest diet to optimise health and reduce disease risk.  It's essential to me, that my practice is based on nutrition guidelines, scientific evidence, and what's best for you. My nutrition advice, is of course, in line with national and international nutrition guidelines for health, and chronic disease prevention: diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. There are some clear guidelines universally agreed on for a healthy human diet: eat lots of whole plant foods (beans, grains, vegetables and fruits), moderate your intake of animal products and processed foods, and minimise intake of junk foods. 


Your diet means what you eat. A diet can also be thought of as a set of rules about foods. There will be an infinite amount of diets, which are not necessarily healthy or unhealthy. In my practice, I focus on you and your diet, assessing what you eat and your eating habits, and creating a healthier diet with you through various additions and swaps. Many of my clients comment on how easy many of the changes are, which is one of the reasons I advise in this way. If you are interested in a particular diet, such as: ketogenic, paleo, mediterranean, macro, low-carb, GI, blood type (the list is endless and forever will be) - I am more than happy to discuss the positives and negatives of these with you. 

The majority of my clients are normal eaters, as well as those who would like to move towards or become plant-based or vegan. Typically, my clients are interested in becoming healthier, weight loss, improving energy, sports, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, eating for pregnancy and breastfeeding, exploring if their diet is having an effect on their health condition, reversing prediabetes, gut issues etc. Unfortunately, as a Nutritionist, I I am not medically trained and unable to assist you if you have medical requirements, disordered eating or obsessive compulsive disorder. Please seek medical expertise, and continue to seek the help that you deserve.

My areas of expertise include but are not limited to: 




Blood Pressure


Gut Health



Intermittent Fasting






Reducing Food Waste









Whole Food Plant-Based









Weight Loss

Weight Gain




Heart Disease







how  this  works


Please feel so welcome to contact me to check that I am the correct fit for you, to discuss your needs and how I can help. If you would like to go ahead, I will send you a food diary, and book in an initial appointment and our consultation. 

+44 7453 069059 call / whatsapp / text

food diary

I will send you a 7 day food diary to fill out, to be returned 1 week later before our consultation.


Honestly, 7 days can be a faff to fill out, and be a barrier to working with a Nutritionist. However, when used, I find it is so much more effective, with studies showing that we tend to eat the same foods in a 6-9 day period. Many nutrition professionals use a 1-3 food diary, most likely in part to reduce this barrier.  

Alternatively, we can:

*discuss your diet over the phone

*send pictures of your meals

*assist you to fill the food diary

*send screenshots from a food/nutrition app that you use 

initial appointment

Our initial appointment will be a short phone call between 15-30 minutes to discuss the following (this is sometimes completed by email):




*health conditions

*begin filling out your food diary

*nutrition support that will be best for you 


Before our consultation I will create your nutrition plan using your food diary as the basis of my advice, adding lots of swaps and additions to your diet and showing you how to transform your diet to be healthier. 


Our consultation will be a 1 hour phone call, where we will discuss the following, answering all questions as we go along:

*your diet

*possible additions and swaps

*nutrition advice based on your goals

*the most effective changes 

*set a goal for the next week

*nutrition information, meals ideas, shopping, cooking and convenience

*book a call for the next week


Level of support depends on your plan and what's best for you. At minimum, we have a call 1 week later to discuss your progress, offer further advice and problem solve issues together. Usually, client's opt for weekly support for the first month, followed by monthly check-ins. This can be done by whatsapp messages, food diary, food pictures or calls - depending on what's best for you. 


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Why Jill's Amazing...


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where do we meet?

Currently calls and online

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Do I have to follow a specific diet

No. I work with you to improve your nutrition, considering your preferences and lifestyle. I will encourage you to move towards a plant-centered diet in line with Gov. and World Cancer Research Fund nutrition guidelines. 

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Are you the best nutritionist?

I am very experienced and empathetic, spending a lot of my time learning about nutrition and other related topics. I focus on transforming your diet with healthier additions and swaps, based on your preferences, goals and lifestyle, and work with you to implement this in a sustainable way.

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How do I know you're right for me?

Nutrition experts include: nutritionists, dietitians, and nutritional therapists, all ranging from wonderful to not-so. It's about finding someone with knowledge and applicability, who you can work together with successfully. I'm very aware that often, the best way to help people, is to point them in the direction of another professional.

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are you qualified?

Yes, I studied Nutrition at Bournemouth University for three years, graduating with a first class honours. This was an accredited course, allowing me to automatically register with the Association for Nutrition -  6144.

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Herbal Medicine

what about supplements?

Supplements can range from wonderful to not, coming in the form of powders, pills and sprays. I would be cautious what you take, and base it on your individual needs.

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Can i eat my favourite foods?

Yes, of course. No foods are off limits. I advise on improving your nutrition through healthier food choices, as possible additions and swaps to your diet. It is up to you to choose the advice that you want to follow.

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Credit Card

How do i pay?

You can pay me via bank transfer or Paypal. I will send you my details when you have confirmed the sessions

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Mobile Phone

How does this work again?

5 easy calls/emails:

1 - CONTACT (15mins)

       would you like to work with me 

2 - APPOINTMENT (15mins)

       initial chat to discuss your needs and diet

3 - FOOD DIARY (15mins)

       begin filling out, email to me in 1wk

4 - CONSULTATION (60mins)

       discuss nutrition plan, answer questions


       weekly/monthly follow-up sessions

questions, comments, interest?

just drop me a message.

I'd love to hear from you!