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Empathetic, Caring, Efficient 

Here you will find nutrition advice and plant-based recipes, as well as posts about cycling, running and habits. There are also some videos, which are a great way to see what I am like. I don't usually post about the tastys that I eat, as I don't want to over-promote these foods. However, I enjoy these foods most days, and by my own test, I would not get nutrient status.  

Apologises for the mediocre photography. I try to practice evidence-based eating. If I purely ate for my health, my diet would be predominantly whole plant foods, local, seasonal, organic, with: variation, a combination of raw and slightly cooked foods, a B12 supplement, and specific foods found to potentially reduce my risk of disease. However, this just isn't realistic, as I love to enjoy a more relaxed diet, which of course includes: chocolate and bread.


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Jill Lucas BSC Anutr. 6144, nutrient nutter ltd. 11117300

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